Product and standards 

The Jazeera Lubricants Factory L.L.C, produces all types of engine oils and lubricants with international standards, and even some times its is better. The standards are determined by the international authorities like The American Institute of Petroleum, American Engineers Association, Military Authorities and European Defense, Authorities of European and Japanese Engineering Manufactures and its companies.

The company is using pure virgin base oil (none refined) and high quality and European chemical materials and additives matching the international standards.

Jazeera Lubricants suppliers in Ajman and Dubai U.A.E offer high quality lubricants and engine oils for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Our products are widely distributed all over the emirates and other countries also. We have a highly integrated lubricants and oil factory in UAE. We supply lubricants and engine oil in the emirates of Ajman, Dubai and also Middle East countries.

  • Quality policy 
  • API  – American Petroleum Institute.
  • ACEA – Association Des Constructeurs European’s Automobiles.
  • ILSAC – International Lubricating Standards Approval   Committee.
  • JASO – Japanese Automobiles Standards Organisation.
  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturers

The Quality policy of JAZEERA is to endlessly improve our products quality and services to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and also to exceed legislative requirements, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, trust and confidence through continual progress in quality of the lubricants.

  • Quality maintain then our result : –
  • Super Quality
  • Corrosion Protection
  • High Performance
  • Increase Machine Life
  • So, Keeps Machine Performing Like New.

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Viscosity classification chart

• Viscosity at various temperatures are related horizontally.
• Viscosities at various temperatures assume a VI of 95.
• ISO and AGMA viscosities are specified at 40ºC.
• SAE 20 to 50 and SAE 90 to 250 are specified at 100ºC.
• SAE gear and crankcase specifications are at 100ºC only.
• Multigrade oil viscosities are not representative at other temperatures.
• SAE 5W, 10W, 75W, 80W and 85W are based on low temperature
• specifications at 100ºF and 210ºF are shown.

  • Our Technical Services :-
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Product Development.
  • Prompt Disposal of Customer Complaints.
  • Used oil Analysis.
  • Quick Adaptation of Clients International Formulations.

The laboratory 

JAZEERA is fully prepared with state of the art testing facilities. We are using high sensitive instruments, like as ANTON PAAR SVM 3000 (Viscometer) and METHROHM 702 SM Titrino Machine (TBN analysis)

The laboratory is the heart of the quality control at JAZEERA.

Each JAZEERA’s products features an advanced blend of premium quality base Oil stocks and additives.

All products and raw materials pass through inflexible Lab quality test before commencing blending, filling & packing operations, thus, marinating high standard of our products.

The highly trained laboratory personnel also provide used oil analysis reports.

Markets and customers 

The products of Jazeera Lubricants Factory L.LC, is available in the local markets of U.A.E and in the regional and international markets .The Company is exporting its products to all G.C.C and other Arab counties and African and Asian countries.

Environment and safety

The Jazeera Lubricants Factory L.L.C, is applying all strategic goals for health, safety, and local and international safety .It is also trying to excel through strengthening the best practices and conditions in this field in the Arab countries and Middle East and Africa.