Our production center are being up-graded periodically to keep pace with the changing technology as well as to meet the demands of our customers. Our vision is widening, so is our horizon. Keeping abreast with new trends in technology, tapping new opportunities and meeting new challenges is helping shape our future. We have ventured into import of chemical from friends countries. We have set up at jazeera Oil, we insist on clean governance coupled with integrity and clarity. These are our fundamentals to be leaders in our operations and growth. Our leadership team along with the key personnel embodies these beliefs and are grounded to these basic foundations. VIEW OUR POLICIES JAZEERA LUB Refinery (U.A.E) is a well-known name and an established player in Specialty Oils and Lubricants industry. Our range of specialty oils and lubricants include liquid paraffin, industrial oil and greases, transformer oils, automotive lubricants, petroleum jelly which we sell under our flagship brand “JAZEERA”.


  • If you swallow oil by mistake, immediately consult a medical doctor.
  • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after use.
  • Prevent discharge to sewers and water ways.
  • Avoid excessive heat, Sparks and flame.
  • If oil gets in eyes immediately rinse the oil out with water.

“ Keep out of children’s reach ”